Our Mission Statement:

To inspire & enable all youth ages 6 through high school graduation to realize their full potential as productive, responsible & caring citizens through the development of a positive self-image & self-reliance. club pic

Great Futures Start Here!

You can help our Club in many ways:
  1. Donate directly to our local program – click here
  2. Select us as your charity when you
    Boys & Girls Club Of Long Beach Peninsula
  3. Donate your old vehicles and our club gets 50% of the sale price! Be sure to select Boys and Girls Club of the Long Beach Peninsula as the charity. Click here to find out more!
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One thought on “

  1. Mornin’….we just made a memoriam in honor of Ted Hensley.

    We don’t necessarily care about being on the “donor wall”…..we just want to make sure the Ted’s widow Miss Patty Hensley will know that friends are still honoring his legacy!

    Thank y’all….Alicia Mathews

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